"Adversity comes to us all. Mindset and will determine the outcome."

- LT. Brian Murphy

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“First say to yourself what you would like to be; and then what you have to do.”


While the foundation for speaker Brian Murphy’s story is overcoming his traumatic experience with the Sikh Temple Massacre, his message extends far beyond his own recovery. As a 3rd generation law enforcement officer, Brian has applied his accumulation of lessons and experiences from a successful 20+ year career to focus on the two most important aspects of successfully dealing with the inevitable and unpredictable obstacles in life: 1. preparation and 2. recovery. At the center of Brian’s message is first to ask the individual to decide what they want in life, followed by then providing tools to mentally and physically embody the ideal measure of success.

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International Law Enforcement Trainers Association

California Tactical Officers Association

International Association of Chiefs of Police

FBI National Academy

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