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Helping to protect your most valuable assets: your people and your property. Using industry-leading nanotechnology , our safety and security laminate creates a physical barrier that can provide crucial extra moments of reaction time during a threat event.

Safety is our priority.

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Hero911 & Guard911

The Hero911 Network is a FREE law enforcement exclusive network consisting of thousands of federal, state and local LEO’s from all 50 states as well as Canada. When officers download the free Hero911 ‘app’ and are ever in close proximity of a reported armed intruder or active shooting incident from a protected Guard911 property, they will be alerted immediately for their situational awareness.

There remains one common conclusion during EVERY ONE of these senseless acts of violence; a shorter police notification and subsequent response time can and WILL save lives.

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Armor Express

Armor Express designs, manufactures, and markets a full line of NIJ and DoD certified ballistic and stab/spike resistant concealable and tactical body armor, K-9 armor, ballistic blankets, and accessories. Their mission is to saves lives by providing superior quality body armor with unparalleled protection, comfort, wearability, and service.

One in every five police officers in America is wearing an Armor Express vest.

In 2016 Armor Express added new products to their soft armor offerings, tactical carriers, Warm Zone solutions, and K-9 carriers. Armor products are made in the USA including models that pass vigorous Special Threat, DEA, and FBI testing.

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H3 Watch

The idea for a functional Tactical watch was born when we attended a Tactical Gear Show in Orlando, Florida. After identifying the need for functional, good quality and rugged watches for the professional men and women in Military and Law Enforcement positions, the veteran Swiss watch manufacturer took their knowledge and created the H3TACTICAL collection.


With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing high-quality Swiss watches, the H3TACTICAL team introduced this line of watches for the professionals serving in the military and law enforcement agencies. H3Tactical rides on a long history of making watches for military and police use. H3TACTICAL is a proud supplier for the Swiss Army, since 1994, reinforcing our reputation in this market. We have met the challenge of these men and women to create a time piece that meets the demands of their job, and created a revolutionary time system with various functions to perform the tasks needed every day by the professional members of the law enforcement task force of Military, Marines, Navy, Police, Security, and tactical experts.
We are proud to introduce, one of the finest Swiss-made H3TACTICAL watch, equipped with tritium lights. These watches are built to withstand the elements and the high amount of resistance placed on it, whether you are at high altitude or deep depth. These watches have a long battery life and scratch proof exterior to make sure you’re never caught off guard.

All Swiss made H3Tactical watches are tested by military and police all over the world to ensure their incredible durability and function. H3TACTICAL met the demanding challenges of these men and women by creating a revolutionary time piece that is always available, featuring various functions and tasks for highly professional hands. We use the world’s highest quality H3 Tritium produced in Switzerland by Mb-microtec. These tactical Tritium watches glow 100 times

brighter than watches with any other illumination system. The H3Tactical watches’ self-powered illumination system is guaranteed for 10 years.
Over the years we have perfected our collection of watches to meet the need of professionals in the military and police forces. Our commitment to outfitting these professionals is combined with our innovative designs and unparalleled quality which has made us the Tactical timepiece of choice for Special Forces in Germany, Ireland and Switzerland along with law enforcement agencies in Austria, Switzerland and Russia and other European Nations.

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TNT Performance

TNT Performance is a full-service gym providing kettlebell & powerlifting classes, personal training, infrared saunas, changing rooms & showers, and a supportive community! Members range in age from early 20s to early 70s and have goals as diverse as losing weight, reducing pain, increasing muscle size/tone/strength, and improving performance for both athletics and work (law enforcement, fire fighting, and military). The training philosophy revolves around producing noticeable results quickly by emphasizing safe and correct exercise technique and by using scientifically-proven training principles. Having fun is also a key component to the training provided at TNT, and members are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, sports, and events outside as well as inside of the gym. Visit TNT online at www.tntpt.com to learn more and to register for your introductory technique session.

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