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Speaking | BAM - Brian Murphy

Safety Training and Motivational Presentations

“First say to yourself what you would like to be; and then what you have to do”


While the foundation for speaker Brian Murphy’s story is overcoming his traumatic experience with the Sikh Temple Massacre, his message extends far beyond his own recovery. As a 3rd generation law enforcement officer, Brian has applied his accumulation of lessons and experiences from a successful 20+ year career to focus on the two most important aspects of successfully dealing with the inevitable and unpredictable obstacles in life: 1. preparation and 2. recovery. At the center of Brian’s message is first to ask the individual to decide what they want in life, followed by then providing tools to mentally and physically embody the ideal measure of success.

The feature presentation addresses all aspects of physical and mental health for achieving success in everyday life.

1. Safety training: pertaining to Law Enforcement professionals and officials responsible for the protection of workplaces, schools and public areas. Promotes public awareness models that emphasize attention to surroundings and erring on the side of caution.

2. Motivational speaking: the underlining message is that “You can only control what you can control and you can control you”. Emphasis on daily awareness about “what do I want to do”, employing the methodology of “Plan – Visualize – Focus”.

3. Visualization speaking: This basic principle towards self-actualization addresses visualization techniques, utilized to achieve “the next level” based on individual goals for success. Self-imagery is a valuable tool, minimizing distractions from desired goals in both the workplace and personal life which could sidetrack paths to success.

4. Maintaining control of yourself in difficult situations: In difficult situations, it is imperative to develop the skill set that enables an individual to avoid the excess emotions which lead to poor decisions. Learning to function under stress gives one the ability to operate appropriately, optimizing the outcome and ultimately make the right decision.

Stoicism, the unofficial philosophy in the military, is at the core of Brian’s message and personal philosophy. Stoicism is particularly effective for today’s leaders, across all industries, disciplines and platforms; it applies to both the workplace and everyday life.
Stoicism focuses primarily on the following:

1. How can we lead a fulfilling and happy life?
2. How can we become better human beings?
3. How can we best function under stressful circumstances?

Will you be ready?

One never knows when it will be “their time”. Preparedness for an unknown critical situation has the potential to significantly alter the course of one’s life as this tool can diffuse or enflame the situation presented. It may relate to personal safety, workplace conflict, a family emergency, or manifest itself as any variety of threat to one’s well being. “Your time” could be tomorrow, next week or 3 years from now, but the important thing is to prepare, be focused on who you are (your identity) and what you want your life to look like (your life goals) to be ready for “your time” to act and persevere.