Wonderful – thank you for sharing! Most likely the best speaker I have ever heard!!; AORN Nursing Conference – Froedert

How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for us last night?! I thought you would be the PERFECT keynote speaker for our event and launching our new program for veterans and, WOW, you proved me right!! I was so moved (again) by your story and also how you so passionately brought your speech around to our mission and our veteran program. I got a hundred comments last night about how terrific you were and the crowd’s appreciation of you translated into support for our veterans program.; Donna Lexa Art Therapy

WOW! Thank you for your service!; AORN Nursing Conference – Froedert

Amazing human being! Great personal addition to your conference and an inspiration to our professionals!; AORN Nursing Conference – Froedert

You were amazing. It’s not just I who is saying that but every single person who attended. We have hosted several conferences but never a standing ovation for our Keynote. Our CEO was also very taken by your experience and story.
I really don’t think I could suggest anything for any improvement. Powerful. Thank you for your kind words about my sister’s story. Yes, we do have something in common. Unfortunately for us as we lost two very special people.

I am recommending you whenever I have an opportunity, Brian.

Brian Murphy’s segment was intense and emotional, but shows his will to survive and to do what is needed. He is an inspiration to all, and I appreciate him sharing his mind set. “How you train is how you perform,” something for every law enforcement officer to consider and never take for granted.

Brian Murphy was amazing and the true meaning of courage, and a great representative of the thin blue line.

Some of the best topics I have ever sat through. Great class!! I will look forward to sharing with my fellow officers. Thank you. Lieutenant Brian Murphy is a hero!!

Lieutenant Murphy’s presentation was exceptionally moving!!

Literally the best training class that I have been to involving these topics. I was on the edge of my seat the entire class and did not lose interest once. Every instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. Please offer more classes. I will be attending, I promise.

This was an excellent class that I think all officers or whomever are in law enforcement should take this class. The instructors were very informative and I thank Lieutenant Murphy for sharing his life experience with a shooter. His testimony to all officers is something that should leave us as law enforcement officers a piece of him and know what we do as police officers does matter.

I believe this training was exceptional training and even with 15 years of law enforcement experience, I truly learned and benefited from the training. I wish we had more opportunities for additional training such as this. I also wish the Administration would go through this so they may learn where to focus on equipment we officers on the street will benefit from. Lieutenant Murphy did an excellent job telling his story, very much respect to him.

Brian Murphy was excellent. The speakers and material were fantastic. I would recommend this training to anyone at our department, and will take away a wealth of knowledge.

I really appreciate that corrections (parole) was invited to this training. There was a lot of relevant information. Lieutenant Brian Murphy’s story is amazing.